Jo Koy: Comin’ inside the Sensuous (2019) – Complete Transcript

Jo Koy: Comin’ inside the Sensuous (2019) – Complete Transcript

I adore so it, it’s exploit, sis

[“Uproar” plays] d Five, four, around three, a couple, We let that wade d d Bow, have the shag even in the event I do not bluff, brother d d Aimin’ at your head like an excellent buffalo d d You a roughneck, I am a cutthroat d d You might be a hard kid Which is sufficient jokes d d Then the sunlight perish The evening was young regardless if d d This new diamonds nevertheless get noticed d

That is what I am talking about. Yes! Must carry it to The state, baby. [cheering] Aloha is actually genuine. When you’re in the a detrimental temper, simply [whoosh], take them with particular Aloha. [laughter] All of you are just like Care and attention Holds, it just happens of chests. [laughter] “Some body with an adverse time?” [whoosh] [laughter] Oh, shit.

Members of Their state brag from the crap you to definitely no-one more brags from the. [laughter] That’s genuine! ‘Give you cher… your treasure the things that you have got. It’s your personal. [cheering] I got one walk-up to me, he was such as for example, “Hey, sister, you can see my… you see my this new 2003 Toyota Tacoma? [laughter] Cherry, brother. Screwing cherry! [l! The, 2003. [laughter] Toyota Tacoma.” [laughter]

This is the hottest dance ever before

You do not worry, you are laid back. You reside heaven. You do not have date… You are not uptight. You are going out, “A great, we big date.” Skirt nice. “Okay, skirt sweet.” [laughter] Nice gown, “Where’s my personal slipper? [laughter] Where’s my personal slipper?” All of you have a tendency to don good slipper. “Slipper!” Usually, “Slipper.” [laughter] “Slipper.” Fucking the new outfit, “Slipper.” [laughter] Not one person beyond Hawaii knows exactly what “slipper”… I shall tell you what “slipper” was. It’s banging, lookup… – Research, “Slipper.” – [laughter] “Slipper, slipper, slipper. [cheering] Slipper, slipper, slipper, slipper.” I don’t even comprehend the reason why you wear it. They might be rarely on the screwing ft. [laughter] [laughter] That is how you guys go. [laughter] “Slipper” at the front of your foot. You are not actually… It is not actually on your foot. You only, stop the latest slipper, action. Stop, action, kick slipper, step, kick slipper, action, stop… [laughter]

You adore poikkeuksellisen kuuma Indonesian tyttГ¶ the vowels. All of you like vowels. [laughter] That you don’t care and attention. An excellent, the brand new letter An excellent. [ce? [laughter] Just how many A’s? That’s unnecessary A’s. [laughter] This is why in the event that people involves The state, I am conversing with the world today, for those who reach The state, do not ask for guidelines. [le. – [laughter] Inquire about tips, they are eg, “Oh, which is simple, sibling. Which how you get truth be told there. You merely decrease Kaleakalakaka. [laughter] Build a right turn on Laukaladakalakau. Left trigger Naukauaakala. Right after which a right turn on Ahaahahaha’aaa. [cheering]

Like all about Hawaii. Can not get enough of they. I do not actually hear the songs and i love it. Whenever I am here, I am unable to stop listening to it. Have no idea all conditions. I really don’t care. [laughter] I push and i also sing… [mimics Hawaiian audio] [laughter] [goes on singing] [cheering] [goes on singing] You happen to be clapping. I simply produced you to tune right up. [laughter] All of you do not even know precisely what the bang I’m saying. [laughter] Most of the Used to do was the fresh new vowels… [singing] [laughter] [cheering]

That hula is it shit! Hula was everything. All of that crap these are typically carrying out today, all of the sexy dances they are undertaking, – it stole it on the hula. – [laughter] Hula… that crap was naughty. She foretells the person compliment of dance. – [laughter] – That is naughty. She says to your what she desires because of dancing. “You been pick myself… [laughter] if sun go lower. [laughter] You’re taking me to dining. [laughter] Basically as if you… [laughter] I make you vagina.” [laughter] [applause]