Users formed a steady and you may enough time-name relationship with the new frog, that’s an everyday parasocial relationship

Users formed a steady and you may enough time-name relationship with the new frog, that’s an everyday parasocial relationship

The semi-arranged interview information included about three fundamental parts: earliest pointers, the determination for and you may connection with to experience Take a trip Frog, and individual life style reputation and social dating. In earliest advice part, information that is personal also age, jobs, town of quarters, electronic game tastes and you may video game-to play background are built-up. On the next region, interviewees replied inquiries eg „Just how did you find out more about the game?”, „As to why did you play it?”, „Just what do you consider the frog regarding the game?”, „Did you ever find it since your dogs/friend/partner/guy?”, „Why otherwise why not?”, and „Have you missed it?” The next a portion of the interview try according to interviewees’ answers in the previous region in order to ask within their actual-existence problem. Particularly, in case your interviewee told you Take a trip Frog generated him or her feel comfortable, we may inquire whether escort Birmingham AL he/she sensed stressed in reality together with way to obtain the stress. Once they stated they liked the life-style of the frog during the another part, we might have them examine the latest lifestyle and define the top lifestyle, etc. The interview is actually in accordance with the interviewees’ answers, while the interviewer went on inquiring inquiries to ask further to your the newest interviewees’ answers.


With regards to the interviews content, we found that very interviewees initially installed the latest software and you can first started playing to help you realize a social trend and you may share a familiar experience with relatives. It don’t respect new frog throughout the games given that an effective kid to start with, but involved take action throughout the years while they starred the new game. After regular encounters towards frog, interviewees reported that they admired and you will enjoyed the new frog’s illustrated lifestyle, and just how they appeared to connect with users. Brand new mental involvement and you will understanding of the brand new frog failed to arise from the certain correspondence on the game however,, instead, this new interpretation and you will imagination of your members. Also, the fresh players’ ideas with the and you will feedback of frog just weren’t limited by brand new Traveling Frog online game, but offered to life not in the games. It projected their hopes of lifestyle easily on the connection with the fresh frog, and you may planned to has actually similar relationship with the mothers or pupils, allowing the participants to think about this new frog as his or her guy. I instruct several reason participants viewed the fresh new frog since their child: so you’re able to venture the fresh pledge off life freely and also to share their assumption out of an ideal moms and dad-boy relationships.

Projecting the brand new Guarantee regarding Way of life Easily

Just like the reform of the sector apparatus within the China, young people provides experienced far more specific dangers, but the government has never implemented a whole passion system and you can personal security measures to support personal invention. The person need believe in himself or herself.

To the advent of financial rationality, the updates and you can function of assets has dramatically enhanced, and possessions control was perhaps one of the most important components a good lifestyle (Wu, 2016). The brand new role of one’s monetary foundation in-marriage grew to become much more obvious in both outlying and urban areas. The fresh bride-to-be rate in rural components is increasing yearly. During the urban areas, prospective people are essential to own an automobile and a home in advance of ). Also, for some young people who are not local people when you look at the a beneficial urban area, if they have to receive regional metropolitan hukou, that gives usage of social qualities and personal interests, he or she is needed to get a property (Lui, 2017; Nie XING, 2011). Higher prices force they to function hard and you may deal with overtime try to take care of occupations balance when confronted with jobless and you will fierce battle (B. Liu, Chen, Yang, Hou, 2019). But not, teenagers investigation hard otherwise works overtime not only because of the high cost of traditions and you will advancement will set you back, in addition to for their traditional for themselves.