Extracted from the ocean (LR, sand stars, hermits

Extracted from the ocean (LR, sand stars, hermits

Steven Professional, Will you be throughout the Philippines? It does not stink nonetheless it has the aroma of a rock away from the ocean (hehe needless to say this is how they originated from). If this will not stink manage I still have to reduce they? I absolutely want to get some getting my container but We do not know whether it can go on my personal base pebbles once the this is not mud so i don’t take people having today. Does it go on my personal base pebbles although it’s not as fine because mud what it was utilized as well? However, I am not sure when they reef secure. However, I’m able to perhaps not pick such hermit crabs in your crabs web site.

Simply two of are usually there and generally are maybe not reef safe. The remainder has black colored feet having silver spots with reddish (maybe maroon) antennae as well as 2 blue nothing antennae. Will they be reef secure too? They will not acquisition take out. All of them must eat something. It’s just an issue of whether i worthy of what they eat. They eat anything they are available all over that they’ll eat with ease. In the event that meals is numerous, they could hop out the snails by yourself. For people who behavior a husbandry and don’t features annoyance alga and uneaten dining every where, your crabs will become hungry and you can turn to almost every other sufferer products. I desired to take the latest rock additionally the shrimp, however, I already have an excellent banded coral shrimp which whenever i put several other shrimp of the same kinds they might battle.

It is actually such as for instance a stone farm

I didn’t remember that these types of shrimps including are now living in really low oceans regarding just step 3 feet deep. I really have to return here and possess some additional rocks and several invertebrates. And tend to be free! I.) Therefore all hermit crabs is almost certainly not reef safe unless of course provided securely? Villagers also look after these types of rocks and sell them to some https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2019/10/02/19/19218630-7530481-image-a-59_1570039983667.jpg” alt=”sitio de citas para amantes de la música”> other LFS in the newest Philippines. Or even desire the issue off collecting rocks you can buy it around. But if you want 100 % free merely get own free-of-charge plus they you should never head. It will be unusual your regulators not to have certain form of regulation set up.

There is a tiny LFS here that offer fishes, corals, invertebrates, and alive rock

Hermit Crab Hello those who couldn’t make it to MACNA. <> One of my (saltwater) hermit crabs was upside down in his shell looks for something like a few days and now his claws are missing. It looks like he only has two legs right now and is definitely unable to move with his huge shell (he got greedy in getting a new home). What should I do with him until he can grow he claws back, which I am assuming will take a few molts at least? Would it be better if I keep him in the main tank, the sump/refugium <>, or quarantine tank?? How should I feed him, or at least he has access to food?? <> Thanks, Kim

Red Slime Algae Hi Bob, Haven’t written in quite some time. I have a case of Red Slime Algae. I’ve neglected my tank over the summer (I’ve been a bad boy) and now I’m going to remedy it through large water changes every week. I know what needs to be done, but I’ve seen claims from a few „sellers” that Red Leg Hermits eat red slime algae. Have you ever seen this? Thanks, Tony